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Local Sporting Champions Grants to help young people pursue their sporting dreams

Young people find it difficult to meet the ongoing and significant costs associated with participation at sporting competitions, particularly those from regional areas.

The Local Sporting Champions program is an Australian Government initiative designed to provide financial assistance for young people aged 12-18 towards the cost of travel, accommodation, uniforms or equipment when competing, coaching or officiating at an official national sporting organisation (NSO) endorsed state, national or international sporting championships or a School Sport Australia state or national championships.

2017/2018 – Round 1

Applications Open 1 March 2017 – through to 30 June 2017

Assessment Timeline July – August 2017

Applicants advised July – August 2017


See the web page for further detailed information

Every year an alarming number of Sudden Cardiac Arrests occur in our sporting clubs. What is even more alarming is the vast majority of clubs have not taken measures to safeguard their sporting community with the use of a defibrillator.

Project Defib is a national program brought to you by Red Cross College – the national training arm of Australian Red Cross. This program will enable every sporting club in Australia access to the latest Lifeline VIEW Defibrillator to assist in reducing the number of fatalities resulting from Cardiac Arrest.

The program will enable every club to receive a grant which will provide a comprehensive Defibrillator package at a subsidised cost. We believe that forming a partnership with the individual sporting clubs is crucial and this includes ongoing national support and mentoring from our state and regional offices throughout Australia. We have combined resources of over 500 personnel in Australia.
Defibrillator Subsidy for your Club

Every sporting club in Australia will have access to a $1600.00 subsidy. This will enable sporting clubs to safeguarded their players, spectators & coaches with the most comprehensive defibrillator program.

Program Cost to clubs- $2600.00

Red Cross Contribution $1600.00

(Cost of program without subsidy – $4200.00)

The Programme Delivery Grants will help schools to deliver sport-based activities before, during or after school hours.

Sporting Schools is a $160 million Australian Government initiative to get children committed to a lifelong love of sport. Sporting Schools specifically aims to help schools:

  • provide quality organised sporting experiences;
  • connect 860,000 children with national sporting organisation (NSO) endorsed sporting opportunities;
  • increase children’s participation in sport;
  • nurture children’s lifelong love of sport; and
  • create stronger links between children and local sporting clubs.

Australian primary schools can apply for funding each term to deliver Sporting Schools activity before, during or after school hours using one of our NSO partners.

Funding is calculated based on:

  • school population;
  • the total number of participants scheduled to participate in the Sporting Schools sessions; and
  • any applicable special circumstances (such as regional and remote schools).

Applications for Term 2, 2017 will open Monday, 20 March.

Applications for Term 3, 2017 will open Monday, 19 June.

Applications for Term 4, 2017 will be provided later this year.

Note: Registered schools will be notified of closing dates for each term.

Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) – Sport Incentive Program Ongoing

Overview / Purpose
This program seeks to assists the development of sport in Australia.

It aims to increase opportunities for Australians to:
– Participate in sport.
– Excel in sports performance.

The funding categories include:
1) Category 1: Collects donations using the ASF’s tax deductible status and to receive consideration for discretionary grants from the ASF.
2) Category 2: Receives consideration for a discretionary grant from the ASF.

The minimum value of any single grant is $500. There is no upper limit, subject to registered projects meeting all ASF criteria for grant approval.Who Can Apply

Eligible organisations include:
– Sporting clubs.
– Sporting organisations (regional, state and national).
– Schools (or an organisation affiliated with an educational institution).
– Government organisations.
– Community groups.

Eligible organisations to register a sport-related project must:
– Be a non-profit or government organisation.
– Be incorporated in Australia under appropriate legislation.
– Be financially viable.
– Have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Applications for Gone Fishing NSW fishing club grants close on 30 April 2017.

Gone Fishing NSW Day

Mark the date for the 3rd Gone Fishing Day on 15 October 2017

Gone Fishing Day 2016

NSW Gone Fishing Day is on again!   And NSW DPI will be running a host of events to celebrate our love of fishing and encourage everyone to get out on the water.  It doesn’t matter if you haven’t fished before or if you’re the keenest of anglers, Gone Fishing Day is for everyone!Free NSW DPI community fishing events for everyone will be run in six locations again across NSW on 15 October so mark the date now in your calendar. Locations for the events will be announced soon.

Free fun filled fishing activities at each location will include:

How-to fish workshops, casting comps, goodie bags with bonus lures, expert fishing tips classes, touch tanks, loads of kids’ activities and activity marquees are just a few of the exciting events on offer! Snappy, our crab mascot, will also be making an appearance and handing out lots of cool prizes.

Gone Fishing Day people fishing

Fishing clubs – get involved now. Once again, fishing clubs are being encouraged to run their own Gone Fishing Day community fishing events in your local area on 15 October 2017.

Fishing clubs – apply for funding now

Recreational fishing clubs are now invited to apply for grants to help run community fishing events and activities in their own local area on the NSW Gone Fishing Day – 15 October 2017.

This year clubs have two options :

Option 1 – Apply for grant funding of up to $2,000

Gone Fishing Day kids fishing


Option 2 – Apply for a Gone Fishing Day package which includes:

  • 30 rod and reel sets to assist with your fishing event
  • Giveaways / prizes and advisory information for participants in your

Gone Fishing Day 2016 was the first time grants were offered to fishing clubs to run their own local events. Most clubs used their grants to buy fishing gear and giveaways for the day. To make it easy for clubs to get involved, this year we are also offering an option for clubs to apply for a package of fishing gear and giveaways. With this option, there is no need for clubs to enter into a funding agreement with DPI (which is required if the grant option is selected).

Gone Fishing Day is supported by the Recreational Fishing Trusts and NSW DPI.

The Elite Indigenous Travel and Accommodation Assistance Program (EITAAP) is an initiative that is jointly managed by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and Australian Government Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C).

Funding is available for athletes, coaches, managers or officials to assist with out-of-pocket travel and accommodation expenses when attending eligible national championships or international competitions.

More Information

This Giving4GrassrootsTM  grant round, Balls4All,  is the biggest donation of free sporting goods to clubs, schools and organisations in Australian history, with almost 50,000 items available to clubs.

Spartan Sports ambassador Michael Clarke announced the giveaway, which is the biggest in Australian history by a sporting manufacturer.

According to the Australian Sports Commission’s AusPlay report, just two per cent of children are active every day outside of school hours and we want to change this!

“The ball is central to the playing of just about every sport, particularly team sports. It takes one ball to start a game and a strong partnership like this is a great way to create real change and have real impact in our communities,” Clarke said.

“The opportunities for healthy sports activity are endless but, sadly, we are losing our way. That is why Spartan is taking action, together with the Sports Foundation, to fix this problem and promote more lively participation and healthier lifestyles. Let’s get our local communities active again.”

So together, we are providing the biggest donation of sporting goods in Australian history and are calling on all sporting clubs to apply now!

Together with Spartan Sports, we will be providing grants of balls for rugby league, rugby union and football, plus netballs, basketballs and cricket balls to sports groups and school teams all over Australia.

he Women Leaders in Sport (WLIS) program is an Australian Government initiative that is managed by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) in partnership with the Office for Women.

The objective of the WLIS program is to provide women with development opportunities to reach their leadership potential in the sports industry.

Since its inception in 2002, WLIS has supported over 23,000 women in sport for leadership development. WLIS has been highly regarded in the Australian sport community. Many notable women leaders in sport are previous recipients of WLIS.

WLIS in 2017 comprises of the following components:

  1. Individual Development Grants,
  2. Organisation Leadership Development Grants, and
  3. Stepping In program.


Outcomes of 2017 Applications for Individual and Organisation Grants

There was an overwhelming response to the 2017 WLIS grant program with 318 applications received by the ASC requesting more than the amount of funding available. The standard of applications was also extremely high, and as a result, the 2017 grant process was highly competitive, with only 92 applications deemed successful.You can find more information on the 2017 WLIS Grants program in our Information Booklet.

Assessment of Applications

All applications were assessed against the following four key assessment criteria:

  1. Quality of the application,
  2. Benefit of the proposed project to the applicant/participants,
  3. Benefit of the proposed project to the supporting organisation or the sport, and
  4. Value for money of the proposed project.
  • Successful applications of the proposed projects have demonstrated that they:
  • Are consistent with the objective of the WLIS grant program – to provide women with development opportunities to reach their leadership potential in the sport industry.
  • Are well-articulated and have a clear understanding of project objectives, costs, completion dates and expected outcomes.
  • Have displayed good value for money – e.g. a detailed budget that included reasonable and eligible costs and/or the organisation provided a quality leadership course targeted at multiple female participants.
  • Have identified a solution to an existing leadership gap e.g. a lack of high level female officials.
  • For organisation grants, have included an appropriate financial contribution from the organisation.
  • Have demonstrated a flow on affect to the organisation and the community, especially if the project increased opportunities for other females and/or provided female role models.
  • Lead to ongoing opportunities for the applicants/participants.


Thank you to all applicants for your interest in the WLIS grants program and your ongoing commitment to promoting women in leadership roles within sport.

We anticipate that grant applications for the 2018 WLIS grant program will open in August 2017.


Contact Us

For any questions please contact the WLIS program administrators:


The purpose of the program is for Holden to provide financial assistance to local sporting clubs and community organisations to develop their clubrooms, sporting grounds and general facilities, and invest in the growth and development of their emerging talent.


Inspired by the power of local communities, Holden started the Home Ground Advantage grants program – to help clubs improve facilities, purchase equipment and even develop exceptional talent.

During both the summer and winter rounds, we will award a total of $250,000 in grants. Sporting clubs can request any amount up to the full $250,000, but it would have to be a super-exceptional project for us to award all the funds to a single club.

Home Ground Advantage grant applications will be considered for the below:

  1. Tangible projects Including upgrading, constructing or improving facilities, upgrading or purchasing equipment, and buying uniforms and other assets
  2. Developing exceptional talent – Including special coaching or funding for trips to compete or gain experience.

To be eligible to receive a Grant, an applicant for the Grant (Applicant) must be:

  • a sporting club created for the purpose of playing one or more sports; or
  • a community organisation which runs and supports sporting activities as a part of its community activities, and the sporting activities conducted by the organisation must be within Australia.

Holden reserves the right to consider Applicants that do not fall within the eligibility criteria set out above.

Individuals and organisations which are NOT eligible to apply include:

  • education institutions, such schools, universities, TAFEs and colleges;
  • government departments or government entities;
  • organisations seeking funds for projects outside of Australia;
  • political organisations; and
  • non-incorporated organisations; and
  • any organisation which has any debts, overdue or have received a Grant or other form of financial  assistance from Holden which have not been acquitted to Holden’s satisfaction.

Generally, the following items will not be funded:

  • Recurring operational expenses
  • The repayment of debt.
  • Projects that have already been completed.
  • capital works of property not owned or leased by the Grant Recipient; or
  • any other activities of a similar nature
Applications / Guidelines

Funding Pool

Amount: $1 to $250,000

Average amount: $12,500
Total pool: $250,000

Purpose – To support a wide range of community-based projects that increase social inclusion and enhance community engagement in Australia.

Grants of up to $500 can be applied for but smaller grant amounts may be awarded.  Grants can be applied for under the following grant categories:

  • Live Well: Initiatives promoting increased opportunities for participation in sports and recreation or general community collaboration.
  • Learn Well: Initiatives promoting increased opportunities for learning and development.

To be eligible, the applicant must be a bona-fide group or organisation registered as a customer of Cadbury Fundraiser and must have placed a minimum order of 10 carry boxes in a single transaction between 1 December 2016 and and 30 November 2017 (Applicants).

Note: Schools, students and student groups are not permitted to apply, but Cadbury Fundraiser welcomes applications from parent or teacher groups, school community groups and parent fundraising committees.

Any successful Applicants must have paid for their order before their Grant will be paid.



Amount: $0 to $80,000
Total pool: undisclosed

To financially assist affiliated Australian Tennis Clubs, Centres and Associations to upgrade, replace or improve their tennis facilities, by providing low interest loans.


A Club, Centre or Association will often embark on a project utilising grant monies from local government and/or state government, as well as their own funds. The Tennis Australia loan is to assist in shortfalls the Club may have in funding their project after other avenues of funding have been determined.

A club embarking on any facility development is advised to contact its Member Association Facilities representative to discuss the project with them.


To qualify for the loan, an applicant must:

  • Be affiliated with a Tennis Australia Member Association and continue affiliation for the life of the loan.
  • Have a current documented business plan which demonstrates the future benefits of any projected works.
  • Agree to implement, conduct and be supportive of Tennis Australia National initiated business improvement tools, research, programs and services.
  • Be agreeable to provide court testing data and /or feedback to Tennis Australia staff or representatives when requested.
  • Have secured funds from a number of other sources for the works.
  • Have works carried out by a member of the Sports Contractors Association of Australia
  • Be prepared to have works signed off by Member Association Technical Services Officers
  • Repay the loan immediately if any of the terms or conditions are found to be breached.
This year, the Commonwealth Bank is offering local cricket clubs the chance to apply for one of their Club Sponsorships. Each consists of a two-year, $2,000 financial commitment each year, as well as cricket gear.

You’ll also get CommBank cricket merchandise, such as Commonwealth Bank marquees, to use on game days. Applications close August 9, 2015.