Far West Excellence in Business Awards


The Awards celebrate Far West NSW businesses and recognises outstanding contributions to the growth of our economy. They provide a vibrant showcase of innovation and progression from the region’s businesses.

The Awards also recognise the important social and environmental contributions made by organisations through excellence of service, commitment to their customers, philanthropic ideals, ethical behaviour and environmental sustainability.

The Excellence in Business Awards are an opportunity to honour the diversity, innovation and excellence of the Far West region’s businesses, small, medium and large.

There’s no doubt that the significance of winning an award carries on over a long period of time.

The application process itself helps businesses review their performance and focus on core strengths and goals, and is a great opportunity to plan for the future. It’s also a good way to benchmark against others in similar industries.

If you’re striving for excellence, then an awards application process will help you raise the bar.

Click on the link below to visit the Far West Business Awards website and view the 2016 winners.

Link: Far West Excellence in Business Awards

View videos of the 2016 finalists here

View videos of the 2016 finalists here

View a video of the 2014 Far West Business Awards