Coles are part of your community

Coles team members and customers are involved in many local clubs and groups, from schools to sport clubs.  The Coles Local Community Support program recognises these grass-roots groups and organisations by providing support to help with fundraisers, raffles, community days and other activities.

Coles is at the heart of local communities around Australia. Coles are committed to supporting local charities, groups and organisations that contribute positively to health, education and the environment.

How can Coles help?

Coles can:

– donate gift cards to support local events and fundraising efforts

– volunteer to assist with events and fundraising

– host store tours

– provide space at the front of our store to run your own fundraising activity—note this is not possible at all stores, so check with the Store Manager.


How do you apply?

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Submit it to your local Coles Store Manager.