Regional Development Australia Far West (RDA FW) have produced this report to ensure the region has the skills and workforce required to grow the region over the coming years.

2022 Far West Workforce Development Report

Skill shortages are commonly reported across Australia and have been reported as being amongst the biggest issues faced in the Australian Labour Market, likewise skill shortages have often been raised in our region as a barrier to growth. Whilst data is available from Commonwealth Departments it is not always specific for our region and doesn’t allow for the development of strategies to address skill shortages and training requirements and doesn’t allow for the region to plan for the short, medium and long term requirements of industry.

Regional Development Australia Far West (RDA FW) are committed to working with the region’s stakeholders to develop and support strategies to retain and grow the region’s population.

Analysis of the current population indicates a growing older demographic and a steadily declining younger demographic, indicating future issues with meeting workforce demand and retention of an educated, trained and motivated population.

RDA Far West believe an opportunity exists within the region to enhance training options for young people, enhance the employability skills of young people and support the future workforce needs of the region.

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