Far West Proud

Far West Proud

Far West NSW is the State’s best kept secret with a great lifestyle, affordable housing, wide open spaces and nature on our doorstep.

The Far West Proud campaign aims to motivate and encourage local businesses to grow their workforce, encourage the residents to have pride in their communities, establish pathways for our people and encourage participation.  The Far West of NSW is a great place to live, work and play.

Our children are catered for with outstanding educational facilities, employment opportunities, and sporting opportunities are endless.

The Far West Proud Website has a wealth of information about the Far West region and if you a thinking about making the move to this region there are plenty of downloadable documents.

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The Far West Gift Card project is part of the Far West Proud campaign encouraging local shopping in our communities.  The  Far West Gift Cards are exclusive to the far west region of NSW and can be used to redeem goods and services at a wide variety of ‘Redemption Businesses’ with the region.

The Far West NSW Sporting Hall Fame – Far West NSW has nurtured the rise of many individuals to an elite level in their chosen sport. The Far West Sporting Hall of Fame will recognises those individuals that have achieved success at an elite level.  RDA FW is building the Sporting Hall of Fame and is a work in progress. Visit Far West Proud to keep up to date.

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