Australian Government Department of Social Services

This funding is for up to $150k over two years to support the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2012-2022, through the Australian Department of Social Security.  A total of $4M is available for this grant round.  The grant opened on 16 July, and applications close 27 August 2015.

The type of projects that could be funded includes a range of innovative, multi-faceted, different actions, for example but not limited to:

  • local community awareness raising about the nature and impact of violence against women,  services available to support victims, and/or services for perpetrators and actions that can be taken to improve safety for women and their children
  • increasing understanding of how family and or friends can help victims, including where they may be able to get help to do this and how they could then help others
  • engaging sporting and other community or cultural organisations and local businesses to get involved and take a stand in a joined up local response
  • working with schools and other organisations who are keen to work with youth to engage with young people about violence within relationships and respectful relationships
  • creating working partnerships across support services to better respond to the needs of victims such as those providing specialist domestic violence services, police, health, financial and, family support within the community

It may be delivered in geographic area and/or a community of interest.  It may take in a region with a broader geographic area.  Alternatively the community may consist of a target group whether or not they are in a defined geographic location.

The funding can be used to assist communities to develop the capacity and capability to establish sustainable inter-connections across community organisations and government agencies.  For example this could improve the way organisations work together in responding to women and their children who have experienced violence; or work together to raise awareness within the community about the causes, impacts and how they could support victims in an effort to prevent violence within the community.

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