A new tool designed to attract people to Broken Hill and surrounding districts was released yesterday with the launch of the new Regional Prospectus and Food guide.

They are part of an initiative created by Regional Development Australia Far West to promote what the region has to offer.

RDA Executive Officer Michael Williams said that the documents provide a fresh approach when it comes to promoting Broken Hill.  “Traditionally we have been really good at promoting our region as a destination to visit, but we probably haven’t had a huge focus on promoting the area as an alternate destination to live and invest in.”

The prospectus provides a guide to what’s on offer and the investment opportunities available. The booklet is filled with photos and graphics to provide a visual representation of the area. Mr Williams said it was all about promoting a lifestyle rather than just a place to visit.  “The regional prospectus promotes the region, so that involves looking at the competitive advantages and expressing the enviable lifestyle that we have.

“I am sure that a lot of the people living in Sydney and spending four hours in traffic each day would look at our lifestyle and agree that it is a fairly enviable one.”

The food guide, as the name suggests, has information about all the places to eat in Broken Hill and the district. It provides a profile of all the businesses that provide catering, as well as giving facts about local produce and what is unique to the area. Mr Williams said the guide was just as much for locals as for tourists. “I think it is great for a tourist coming in and going ‘where can I eat?’ and it is probably a pretty handy tool for the locals as well. I know for me it will be great to have all those numbers there in one place”.

The prospectus and food guide were officially launched at a function held in Argent Street attended by many special guests including local MP Kevin Humphries. Deputy Mayor Dave Gallagher was also present in his role as chairman of RDA. Mr Gallagher said the prospectus held the potential to put far west NSW on the map. “It gives an idea for trade and investment. It goes all over the country. It goes to Canberra and they send it out to different parts all over the world. “It offers opportunities for businesses to come into this part of NSW and invest. I think it can be a win-win for any community if trade comes in.

”The food guide also won high praise from Mr Gallagher. “I think this is the best thing for Broken Hill.  I think the food guide is one of the best-produced documents I have seen. It showcases Broken Hill and what we have to offer. “I expect a lot of people to come to Broken Hill to spend money and invest, or even just to purchase these items.”  The prospectus and the food guides are available now from the RDA office in Blende Street and they will soon be distributed to local businesses. Digital copies will also be ready by the end of the week.

Story and photo courtesy Daniel Stringer Barrier Daily Truth

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