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Our Projects

RDAFW research and publish a quarterly Regional Economic Update for the far west region. This update is designed to provide relevant, accurate and up to date economic statistics on our region for the benefit of local business and community. Compiled using a combination of sources including economic experts, government departments and interviews with local businesses the update is used to show that there are many local industries that are improving and indeed thriving on a consistent basis. Each quarter a different industry is researched to determine its value to the region by way of output and employment and is supported by updates on major projects and statistics on current economic growth indicators. Previous copies of the update are available on our website or at the RDAFW office – if you have any feedback on ways to improve on the update or ideas on what you would like to see represented please contact RDA Far West NSW (08) 8087 8383 or admin@rdafarwestnsw.org.au
At RDA we want to help stimulate economic development at the grass roots level in Broken Hill to ensure that services and businesses continue to thrive and provide the community with much needed jobs, products, services and sustainability. There are a vast range of grants available but finding them and applying for them can be time consuming and complicated, RDAFW provides a local resource to make this process easier for the small business owner or not for profit organisation.

While we are unable to write the application on your behalf, we can assist in finding an appropriate grant, guiding you through the process and providing feedback on your submission. If your organisation or business has an opportunity for growth and development that you would like funding assistance with, please call or drop by the RDA office for a confidential discussion.

RDA Far West in partnership with RDA Orana, working alongside the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, Department of Planning and Environment, Local Government Authorities and Industry, have agreed to develop Regional Infrastructure Master Plans for the Far West and Orana regions, to provide a comprehensive infrastructure capability analysis and identify priority infrastructure projects that will drive economic growth

The Far West and Orana regions together comprise around 40% of the total state of NSW – a vast area encompassing many rural and remote communities and several medium to large inland towns. Built on the back of primary industry sectors such as Agriculture, Mining, Health Care, Public Administration and Community services, the region is home to approximately 145,000 people.

Contributing significantly to the economic vitality of the state, and to Australia’s GDP, these regions form the backbone of NSW. The future prosperity of regional NSW is positive, however, its continued competitiveness ultimately depends upon the adequacy of infrastructure and connectivity to the rest of Australia and to the world. Much of regional NSW’s existing infrastructure remains held-over from the nation’s post-war construction boom which occurred between the 1940’s and 1970’s. Since this time, however, limited upgrading of railways, roads, water pipelines, sewerage works, telecommunications, electricity and gas has occurred, leaving regional NSW with an ageing infrastructure system. Domestic and global competitiveness is essential to securing future economic growth and sustainability for NSW and this can only be achieved with modern infrastructure.

The purpose of the study is to conduct robust research and analysis into the current infrastructure capacity and systems, and future demand for such, across the region and to identify economic enablers that will grow the economy, in order to develop a supporting evidence base to inform future infrastructure projects for all levels of government. Research will be based on reviewing existing literature and conducting direct consultation with industry and local government representatives to investigate the infrastructure deficits and potential projects that will impact economic growth.

From this research and analysis, several key infrastructure priorities will be identified and will form the basis to the proposed regional infrastructure Master Plans

The Awards celebrate Far West NSW businesses and recognises outstanding contributions to the growth of our economy. They provide a vibrant showcase of innovation and progression from the region’s businesses.

The Awards also recognise the important social and environmental contributions made by organisations through excellence of service, commitment to their customers, philanthropic ideals, ethical behaviour and environmental sustainability.

The Excellence in Business Awards are an opportunity to honour the diversity, innovation and excellence of the Far West region’s businesses, small, medium and large.

There’s no doubt that the significance of winning an award carries on over a long period of time.

The application process itself helps businesses review their performance and focus on core strengths and goals, and is a great opportunity to plan for the future. It’s also a good way to benchmark against others in similar industries.

If you’re striving for excellence, then an awards application process will help you raise the bar.

Link: Far West Excellence in Business Awards

View a video of the 2014 Far West Business Awards


The objectives of the original Broken Hill Proud Campaign run more than 20 years ago are even more relevant now than they were then. As a collective, the Broken Hill Proud committee believes that it is time for our community to reflect on and focus on what makes living and doing business in our city so great. We have a spectacular natural environment, strong, varied and unique industry, a peaceful, friendly community, and an abundance of talented and dedicated artists, sports, business and community persons who are focused on making Broken Hill thrive.

Be Broken Hill Proud and join us as we support and celebrate our local community events and the achievements of our residents and businesses.

Link: Broken Hill Proud

School Based Traineeships (SBT’s) provide an alternate pathway for students studying their HSC. School Based Traineeships provide students with the opportunity to attain a nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification as well as their Higher School Certificate (HSC) and gain valuable work skills and experience through paid employment

RDA Far West in Partnership with local primary schools have created three positions for School Based Trainees. RDA Far West have worked with local schools over an extended period to create pathways for local students to train in their chosen career whilst studying their HSC at school.

In 2012 three positions were created in local schools in Education Support and Children’s Services. Local school Principals had identified a shortage of qualified and skilled Education Support Officers within the local community. School Based Traineeships have long been identified as pathways that provide students with real skills, helps to address workplace readiness and address a considerable number of the identified generic employability skills.
These students achieved outstanding success through their dedication and hard work with 2 completing their HSC studies with a Certificate III in Education Support and the 3rd a Certificate III in Children’s Services. Two of these trainees are now working in the school they completed their traineeships in and one will progress to university next year to begin a Bachelor of Education. In addition one of these trainees was recognized for her dedication and outstanding achievements through the Far West Excellence In Business Awards, winning the school based trainee of the year section.

With the outstanding success of these trainees RDA Far West have again employed three new trainees. These trainees will work in our local primary schools and over the next 2 years whilst completing their HSC two will complete a Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology whilst the third will complete a Certificate III in Education Support.

Retention of our young people and the development of appropriate quality training and career pathways is critical for our region, we encourage all businesses in the region to consider this pathway and help address their own skill shortages whilst providing pathways and training for our young people.

Find out more information at http://www.sbatinnsw.info/

Renew the Far West aims to find artists, cultural projects and community groups to use and maintain empty buildings until they become commercially viable or are redeveloped. Renew the Far West is not set up to manage long term uses, own properties or permanently develop sites but to generate activity in buildings until that future long term activity happens.

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