Do you ever feel like you are the only one in the room? 

The only woman farming, the only person speaking up, the only community member advocating for change, the only woman in the room period? 

Being the only one is an incredibly isolating experience, which is why WFAN’s programs focus on bringing folks like you together. 

The Female Farmer Project interviewed WFAN Executive Director Bridget Holcomb on their latest podcast

Bridget shares her own personal experiences and stories about the importance of support networks.

“There’s an untold number of women across the country who feel like the black sheep in their communities. They’re doing something with food and agriculture and they feel like they’re the only ones. Through WFAN they realize there is a place where we can say to them, ‘Oh, do you want to meet other women just like? Come on over, we’re all right here.'”  

There’s also a delightful story about her convincing a taxi cab driver that women can and should farm. 

WFAN is full of powerful stories. Every person in this network has a unique perspective that can change the food and agriculture system. One story at a time, one farm at a time, together we are a movement.